In all the world, there is no one like your baby. 

Give them a soundtrack as unique as they are.


This is such a precious time.

What if you could capture it forever?

A song can do just that.

It can instantly transport you back to these joyous days,and it can guide the way for your little one.

We have always sung to our children. Before they can see your face, before they can understand your words, babies are comforted by your singing and your voice.
It’s as natural as rocking and cuddling.

But what do you sing to them? A lullaby written centuries ago?
Pop lyrics that merely suggest your true feelings?

Imagine singing your child a song just for them.
A song that includes all your hopes and dreams and is infused with your love.

An anthem they can return to throughout their life whenever they need a parent’s reassurance.



During your pregnancy, your unborn child will recognize their song as a comforting presence.

And when the blessed day arrives, their song will welcome them into this world.

As they grow, their song will be the anchor that reminds them how special they are.

And whenever you want to feel the joy of holding your child for the first time,this song will take you there.

But you don’t throw something like this together with a poorly tuned
guitar and a good intention.

You record it in a top-notch studio with award-winning musicians. You create a solid gold song as unique as your own tiny bundle of joy.


Hi, I’m Tim Ringgold. I’m a board certified music therapist, speaker, and passionate dad.

Not only do I write songs for patients & clients, and as a singer-songwriter, but I wrote birth songs for all three of my children…
and it was magical.

Meet my good friend, the multi-talented Orgena Rose.

She’s a singer, songwriter, producer, motivational speaker, and award winning voice expert.

Saying Orgena is a kindred spirit is an understatement. Put us together, and laughter and harmony flows.

We believe that music is not a spectator sport.
It’s an integral part of life.

Our love of music has taken us performing all over the world; from Broadway, to Carnegie Hall, to The Hollywood Bowl, and even to the steps of St. Peter’s Square in Rome.

Throughout our combined 75 years of performing and writing, one thing stood out; the life-changing power of song.

We want to help you bring this gift to your little bundle of joy.

Watch our short stories to learn the deeper reasons why we do what we do…

Tim’s Story

Orgena’s Story


Having never had a song written for us before, we didn’t know what to expect. To say we were blown away would be the understatement of the century. August’s song embodies everything we could have hoped for and more. We love listening to it with her, singing it to her, and sharing it with friends. Tim and Orgena took the time to really get to know us and understand our motivations as parents. They crafted a song that will stay with our family forever

– Amy and Tom Birks


So how does this work?


It all starts with a simple questionnaire. You’ll tell us your musical preferences, your favorite artists, and your intentions for your baby. After reviewing that info, we’ll hop on the phone and dive deeper into your dream song. We’ll talk about you and your baby. We’ll discuss how you’ll use this song. Do you want a lullaby? Or would you rather have a something fun and playful?


Then you go back to your pregnancy bliss while we get to work in our Los Angeles recording studio. It’s just like you’ve seen in the movies. Minus the psychedelic drugs.

We jam out. We write lyrics. We work with Grammy-nominated engineers. We record and mix and record and mix some more. When we’ve cut and polished this gem, we’ll send you a link and you’ll get to hear your one-of-a-kind creation.


We’re certain you’ll love it. But we want you to adore it. That’s why, after listening to the song, we ask for your suggestions on how to make it better. With your help, we aim to create perfection.

When everyone is completely satisfied, we deliver the song. But it’s not just one song, it’s two. That’s because you’ll also get a karaoke version you can play whenever you want your voice to take center stage. There’s no better way to connect with your child than singing to them. And we want to make it easy and fun for you.

It’s never too early to get your baby used to the sound of your voice. Studies have shown that babies begin hearing sounds as early as their sixteenth week in the womb. And since we know your little one is on his or her own schedule, we promise to have your baby’s song completed within 45 days of your first payment.

Remember, these are professional-grade recordings. There’s so much that goes into each song we create. From the sound equipment, to the studio musicians, and everything in between, we spare no expense for your baby’s custom song.


Enjoy the diversity of styles available to you and your baby…

Julian’s Song

Be Still

Rest In My Love

Bella’s Song


What if my baby is further along, or already here?

Not to worry! It’s not ‘too late’ to bond with your baby in this unique way. Once you receive your baby’s first song, begin to play it and sing along with it daily. This still facilitates the mommy/baby and daddy/baby bonding that comes with singing to your child.

What if I have an older child. I don’t want them to feel jealous.

We completely understand. Simply tell them you didn’t know this idea existed until now. We will even write the sibling their own song at a 50% discount because we don’t want anyone feeling left out.

Can you put the song to video for us also?

Yes! Email us at and put “VIP Video Package” in the subject line. We’ll tell you all about it. It is the ultimate way to capture this entire magical experience.


The investment for this once in a lifetime opportunity is $4,997 or 4 payments of $1,497.

We limit the number of songs we work on to only four per month, so that we can give our utmost personalized service to this very sacred and intimate endeavor.

Click on the button to fill out an application, and hopefully we’ll be making some beautiful music together soon!


Welcome to My Baby's First Song!

Welcome to My Baby's First Song!

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